What We Do

Luke Dowse is a physiotherapist based in Heidelberg, Victoria with extensive experience in the management of conditions such as; various spinal conditions (lower back, neck and mid-back injuries), knees, ankles, hip/ groin injuries as well as upper limb conditions (shoulder, elbow). In addition, Luke has experience working with persistent, “chronic” pain conditions as well as the athletic community. Luke is Head Physiotherapist at Heidelberg Senior Football Club and also works for AFL Victoria as physiotherapist for the VFL Umpiring Department.

Luke’s philosophy of care goes beyond a short-term fix to help reduce pain by also addressing the cause of the problem to minimise the risk of repeated episodes of symptoms.

Luke is happily married to Lauren and they have two sons named Caleb and Elijah. Luke is a cricket tragic, passionate Carlton FC supporter and enjoys running and playing the guitar in his spare time.


Why Continuum

Continuum Physiotherapy’s purpose simply centres around a passion to help enhance people’s quality of life through improvement of physical function.

We love to see people achieve their goals; for example whether that be walking around the shopping centre or returning to sporting activity.




Patient laying face down

Thorough Assessment

Our physiotherapists conduct thought comprehensive physical examinations to help identify what might be the culprit/s behind your pain/problem


Exercise Rehabilitation

We use exercise to rehabilitate as well as minimise risk of future injury. Our physiotherapists provide customised home and gym programs based on your personal goals.

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Manual therapy

Our physiotherapist provides various manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and dry needling. Research shows that these techniques can have short-term effect on pain and function and we believe that when utilised in addition to exercise rehabilitation outcomes are best achieved.

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