• High rates of lower back injuries are seen in adolescent and adult fast bowlers.
  • 51% of all cricket injuries occur to fast bowlers (Senington et al, 2018)
  • Assessment of bowling techniques includes video analysis to collect specific 2D data to determine your bowling type and whether your technique may be contributing to your lower back condition or whether it may predispose to you back injuries in the future
  • Presentation on your technique is offered once footage is complete and analysed by our physiotherapist Luke Dowse
  • Clear recommendations on subtle bowling technique changes are offered if clinically indicated
  • Subsequent 1:1 sessions including bowling technical coaching and further video footage may be offered
  • Written programs and user-friendly mobile app with videos to help you best achieve your goals
  • Discussion with regards to other potential factor/s (e.g. strength and stability) that could contribute to your lower back condition may be discussed. Strength and conditioning sessions with Rehab Coach Sam Batterton are also available.


  • Session #1: up to 90 minutes involves video footage of bowling technique
  • Session #2: up to 60 minutes with presentation of bowling technique including key assessment findings
  • Additional time is spent by the physiotherapist analysing the data and preparing the presentation
  • Cost $400
  • Claiming of private health insurance is available provided assessment is for injury management

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