Our services

Thorough assessment

Every patient deserves a thorough assessment to help aid our physiotherapist to determine the cause/s and source/s of your physical problem. This includes our physiotherapist asking you some important questions to ascertain the presenting issue as well as a comprehensive physical examination to help identify what might be the culprit/s behind your pain/problem. We allow up to 60 minutes with the initial consultation for a new presenting problem which we believe is necessary to assist in determining a diagnosis and start on a treatment plan to correct the issue.

Exercise rehabilitation

There is sound research evidence for the effect of exercise as therapy for many musculoskeletal pain conditions and injuries. At Continuum Physiotherapy exercise is used to rehabilitate as well as minimise risk of future injury. Aims of exercise therapy include increasing muscular strength, endurance and power as well as improving range of motion and balance. Every patient has access to a mobile-friendly app which includes videos of their individualised exercise program to increase ease of performance.


Research shows that clinical outcomes can be negatively affected when a person feels that the explanation of their problem by the practitioner is too “technical”. 

In contrast, research shows people feel more comfortable when they are provided with a simple, clear explanation of what their problem is, how the physiotherapist can help them and why they were prescribing particular exercises. 

We value people understanding their physical condition; therefore we provide adequate time explaining the presenting problem and the recommended treatment plan to help fix the issue.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy involves “hands-on” techniques to help in the reduction of pain and symptoms or increase range of motion of a joint. Our physiotherapist provides various manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and dry needling. Research shows that these techniques can have short-term effect on pain and function and we believe that when utilised in addition to exercise rehabilitation outcomes are best achieved.